Danielle has helped me so much with my marketing and branding. I would even say more branding than anything else. She has really increased the public awareness of ME! it has really been cool to be a part of. I was thinking the other night, it’s like Nike Shoes. I bet other companies have shoes that are just as good (or better) but the Nike BRAND has done their job and that’s the shoes I want. Danielle has giving ME the same thing, albeit not as big as Nike….yet! Thank you for everything! You’re truly one of a kind! Drew Henderson, Murrayville Family Chiropractic

Do you need to enhance your social media presence?  Do you just want to venture out to a new social media platform? If you answered “yes” to either, connect with Danielle and you won’t regret it. She’ll guide you in a professional manner, yet in a fun and simple way to give you the confidence to move forward. Thanks for all the tips and getting me set up, Danielle! – Dave Chylinski

I have worked with Danielle the last 3.5 years as she’s lead the marketing, social media and creative side of our practices! I’ve seen the practices grow beyond believe because of her skills to create content and engage the public and community. – Dr. Jessica Quintero-Villa, Chiropractor at Life Family Chiropractic of Farmington

Danielle brings a vibrancy and passion to her work with the perfect balance of professionalism and personality! Patricia Young

I would recommend Danielle to anyone because in addition to her phenomenal work product and work ethic, she is truly a phenomenal person as well. She’s an asset every time she gets involved with a project, big or small. I love her!! – Meredith

Danielle is one of the most positive people I know! She has a positive attitude at all times which makes her presence so enjoyable. Growing up, I always looked up to her and inspired to be like her. She is extremely hardworking and productive. If she sees a vision, she makes it happen. Not to mention, she is passionate about what she takes part in. Danielle would be a great asset to any company. I’m so fortunate to have her as an older cousin and role model. Love her! – Olivia Chylinski

Danielle is an amazing source of positivity! I’ve known her a few years, in educational and professional settings, and she has always had an energy around her that is just contagious. Danielle is an amazing marketer – probably because her style and method if marketing comes from who she really is as a person.Ben Fischbein

Danielle brings an upbeat energy everywhere she goes. She’s always motivated, and her personality makes others want to stay around her, listen to what she has to say, and collaborate with her. She has a natural ability to connect with and inspire others to get after their goals. Danielle is very goal oriented, looks to go above and beyond, and seeks opportunities to coach and help others to do the same. – Joeanna Glantz

Danielle is an extremely friendly, outgoing, hardworking individual. I met Danielle a few months ago at a Hartford Yard Goats event. She recently helped me find my current job as a Marketing Coordinator at Judson Family Chiropractic. She has given me the opportunity to show off my creative side in marketing. Danielle takes time out of her day to answer any questions or provide feedback on ideas I may have. Her leadership skills and work ethic are admirable. I am very grateful I get to work with her in up coming events. Her bubbly personality and positivity is infectious. Danielle has become not only a friend but an incredible mentor. – Michelle Leto

Danielle is incredible! Not only is she extremely outgoing, she also has a heart of gold. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She is one of my favorite people to work with as her dedication continues to go unmatched. Our office will continue to utilize her expertise in both digital marketing and social media as she shares our vision and her passion is evident. – Sarah Nordbeck, Chiropractor at Judson Family Chiropractic

Danielle is a true leader and role model. We worked together for a brief time, and then reconnected over coffee a few years later. After spending just a brief time chatting with Danielle, it was evident I had much to learn from her and her remarkable time management skills. She is truly a beacon of optimism and professionalism in all that she does. When she isn’t speaking and educating classrooms full of kids, she is promoting wellness and positivity through social media use. It was a pleasure getting to speak with her and being able to learn through her wisdom. – Alex Fletcher

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