Personal Brand: It’s not one more thing to add to your to-do list. You’re not “building” it. — It’s simply being unapologetically you 

The challenging part? We’ve been taught the importance of status and breaking ourselves for people who would never even bend for us rather than the importance of loving & choosing ourselves genuinely.

We fear sharing our experiences regardless of the positives because often the fear of being judged feels heavier. 

I can’t even tell you the amount of hours I’ve spent working on my book, but what I know for a fact is that is this process and journey has been for me… but the outcome is for you.

I started Chylinski Media to bridge the gap between doing what everyone else is telling you to do and doing what your mind, body & soul is telling you to do.

I started the Coffee Date with D Podcast to bring you into 1:1 conversations where the impact is often what the entire coffee shop needs to hear.

I wrote this book not to tell you what to do, how to do it, what will or won’t work for you, but to remind you that there is no “right way” to do anything. You have options. You make the rules. You decide whatever it is you want to choose. You are the only person feeling exactly what you’re feeling on a daily basis.


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