Lean Into Delusion:
Free Your Mind Through Trusting Your Intuition

This isn’t another how-to book. ​I’m not here to tell you what to think or what to do.

Decisions aren’t about getting rid of fear, but about managing—Not faking but holding the confidence to take one step forward at a time, regardless of the pace.

This isn’t another how-to book. ​​I’m not here to tell you what to think or what to do. 

Delusion: a belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or a rational argument.

An ideology to most is unrealistic or irrational until it works—until someone becomes delusional enough to follow through.

I naively existed, thinking everyone lived life with a similar perspective to my own until I realized they weren’t. 

“For a long time, I’ve followed your social media accounts and was like, wait, she’s talking about all this strong girl energy stuff but then casually opens up, talks about her insecurities, what keeps her up at night—the struggles and challenges she faces. And then it clicked. That’s the fucking point,” a client shared with me.

“Just be you” often raises the question — Who even am I?—leading you to spiral and freak the fuck out. Who are you without all the conditioning, limiting beliefs and external input?

Living intuitively as yourself means doing what you want without worrying about what someone else may or may not approve of. Getting wrapped up in wanting to make an impact and create a legacy is easy, yet your ego is in the way of anything happening authentically.

“You’re delusional,” they told me when I’d make a natural-feeling decision, like it was the only option to fully be a step closer to embodying myself.

So while some things may seem delusional, those that are living in their reality of delusion are actually following their natural intuition—something society can never control, only we can.

By continuing to share my stories, I hope you’re inspired to share yours.

200+ pages, started October 2020, published June 6, 2023

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