“Chylinski Media works with you, not for you.

Social media isn’t something that can genuinely be passed off, followed by a celebratory “yay, checked that off the list.” 

Social media is meant to be social.

It’s easy to run away and avoid your emotions, but if you want to feel good about the decisions you make, you need to lean in.

Once you show up as yourself (who you want to be, not who you think they want you to be), it’s not about “needing to post.”

It’s about feeling excited to engage in conversation as you see fit – hyped up to actually be social.

Danielle Chylinski
Social Emotions Analyst & Identity Guide


For all your online presence needs. You deserve an expert in your corner. Reduce the stress, anxiety and uncertainty around what/when/how to post!

✨ 1hr zoom or in-person 1:1 meeting / month or biweekly, scheduled based on your preferred dates & times

✨ Unlimited email threads, DMS & texts with a 48 hour response time where you can continue to ask questions, share progress & anything else you want to connect about on a regular basis

You may be ready if you are…

  • Ready to understand the impact of showing up as yourself
  • Wanting your social media to be something you don’t want to eye roll about
  • Ready to find clarity around what you can be creating & sharing to build a success brand (and make $$$$)
  • Wanting to connect with your audience on a more human-to-human level
  • Looking to have fun when it comes to social media and content creation instead of constant eye rolling and negative self talk
  • Hoping to feel fulfilled when posting to social, rather than a check it off your to-do list like a chore
  • Wanting to discover how to feel comfortable in sharing your experiences
  • Looking to attract clients and friends by simply being yourself
  • Wishing to confidently speak in videos like you would in person rather than being a weirdo robot
  • Looking to show up for yourself and those who need you effortlessly, and happily
  • Needing a person to brainstorm content ideas, talk through how you can incorporate content during your normal every day routine, & how to effectively execute without spending 324565 hours
  • Needing to be reminded regularly that you’re not as lost as you may think you are
  • Would be obsessed if posting to social media felt more like an exploration of who you are as a person, and less of a fake be-like-me vibe

This is not for you if you’re…

  • Looking for someone to completely take over you social media channels without your day-to-day input
  • Do not want to talk through the emotions & mental blocks that are behind and go into social execution
  • Have no desire to build a healthier relationship with social media in your daily life

Unsure? Looking for clarity?

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