The Vibe: Meet Danielle

Danielle Chylinski is an older sister, millennial, entrepreneur, Founder of Chylinski Media, who learned to live intuitively at a young age.

Not sitting at her desk all day, Danielle is extremely free-flow and recognizes the role physiology plays in her productivity & work output; Consistently breaking regularly, working in sprints, getting in a solid workout, moving work environments throughout the day, eating consistently & much more, Danielle continues to listen to her body to best serve her clients. In her “Health Comes First Era,” Danielle can’t live without MudWtr, Marea, The Feel Good Lab or Athletic Greens.

In January 2020, Danielle founded Chylinski Media to support companies in having a strong online presence that represents their purpose. The business continues to evolve and grow alongside Danielle as a person. Danielle started her podcast, Coffee Date with D, based on the concept that you and I could sit and talk at a coffee shop, but often the conversation is what the coffee shop needs to hear.

Awarded CTNow Best Of Hartford Readers Poll 2019 Best Local Twitter Account @goyardgoats on behalf of the Hartford Yard Goats and Second Runner Up for CTNow Best Of Hartford Readers Poll 2022 Social Media Influencer, Danielle is proud to be born and raised in Connecticut.

Previously, Danielle held the position of Promotions and Marketing Manager for the Hartford Yard Goats, AA Affiliate of the Colorado Rockies and served as Communications Manager at the Alzheimer’s Association Connecticut Chapter in Southington, Connecticut, after receiving bachelor’s degree in Communication Public Relations with a minor in Integrated Marketing Communications as an honors graduate of Western New England University.

Chylinski Media works with you, not for you.

You deserve an expert in your corner.

“Here’s where I’m at. One post, one picture, one video, one caption – can change a person’s life. The longer you wait to hit send, the more of a disservice you’re doing to our community. The longer you play by someone else’s rules, the longer you let your limiting beliefs take over & the longer you let your negative self-talk win.”

Why build an online presence you have to maintain & keep up with when you can simply build one around your reality?

Investing in yourself is a decision only you can make. You have so many resources around you, it’s just a matter of choosing what works best for you in the moment and trusting your intuition. Those people you admire for being so authentically them, it took them a lot of work to get there. A lot of breakthroughs. A lot of tough days. It’s possible for you to push through, too.

“Social media isn’t something that can genuinely be passed off, followed by a celebratory “yay, checked that off the list.”  Social media is meant to be social. It’s easy to run away & avoid your emotions, but if you want to feel good about the on-brand decisions you make, you need to lean in. Once you show up as yourself (who you want to be, not who you think they want you to be), it’s not about “needing to post.” Life is about feeling excited to engage in conversation as you see fit – hyped up to actually be social. The longer you play by someone else’s rules, the longer you let your limiting beliefs take over & letting your negative self-talk win.

— Danielle Chylinski, Founder of Chylinski Media

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