*On our initial consultation call, we’ll set up your needs & best way to approach working together – multiple times a week, weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Social Media Audit ($200/hour)
✨ Zoom or in-person 1:1 meeting

Consulting ($200/hour): Confidence Checks
✨ Think of this an equivalent to a personal trainer or therapist
✨ Talk through things together, share updates, recap, create next steps or implement strategies moving forward
✨ Zoom or in-person 1:1 meetings
✨ OR: 3 month package ($525 for 1 hour/month, paid in full up-front)
✨ OR: 3 month package ($1000 for 2 hours/month, paid in full up-front)
* College Students ($100/hour)

Coaching ($250/hour): Energy Collaborations
✨ Create, strategize, shoot, post & schedule content directly together
✨ Zoom or in-person 1:1 meetings
✨ OR: 3 month package ($675 for 1 hour/month)
✨ OR: 3 month package ($1250 for 2 hours/month)
*College Students ($150/hour)

*If you commit to over 4 sessions/month, you’ll also receive unlimited email threads, DMs & texts w/ a 48-hour response time: receive feedback, ask questions, share progress & more!

All-Access Retainer
✨ ($850/month)
: 24-hour response time
✨ ($750/month): 48-hour response time

iPhone Content: Speaking Appearance or Events ($100/hour)
48-hour notice

Social Media Management: (varies on needs)
Fill out the form at the bottom of this page & we’ll talk!

Not exactly sure what you want but you know you need somethin’?
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