Let’s check off all those “social media related things” that you’ve been holding off. No more googling, or looking at other companies websites that want to charge you thousands for the basics. Let’s keep it real and talk it out. All of these services apply to small businesses, non-profits, large companies, personal brands, students & *insert whatever I’m missing here that applies to you*.

I am no longer fully managing social media accounts, creating websites or logos full-time! If you’re looking for that, feel free to reach out and I will let you know if it’s a project that I can currently take on. If I can’t point you in the direction of some other awesome companies that could be the right fit for you!


Feedback on your social pages, strategies or pieces that can be added to strengthen your online brand presence, what can be improved, tips and tricks that can be used to increase engagement, etc. Let’s get you looking A+ across all social media platforms, and in a way that you can easily be found by your target audience! A nice update of profile photos, header photos, contact info, bios, etc. is important! It’s time you look as good online as you do in person! This can include: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business, TikTok

Business strategy call: $100/hour


If you’re feeling, stuck, lost, unsure of what your next steps should be for your online presence to enhance your brand and reach your target audience. Let’s talk! …. and leave you with action steps to feeling incredible in your “brand” skin.

Some ideas we can talk through include but are not limited to different ways to approach social media, different leads to engage with your audience, how to link your Facebook page to Instagram, walk you through taking your own professional headshot and the importance of having one, ways to strongly represent your brand, ways to come off across online just as he would in person. ALL THE THINGS.

Business strategy call: $100/hour


Create/Build/Populate Social Media Pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business, LinkedIn (personal), LinkedIn (business), TikTok, Pinterest. Danielle will walk you through how to do this via Zoom!

This can include something like going through all of your pages go through all social media pages to update & clean-up all pages. Let’s get you on all social media platforms, and in a way that you can easily be found by your target audience! A nice update of profile photos, header photos, contact info, bios, etc. is important! It’s time you look as good online as you do in person!

“Prior to meeting with Danielle, my first program for my business had failed and I was feeling a bit down. I knew I wanted to rebrand, but I did not know how or where to start. With the few strategy sessions we have had, it has been awesome! Just talking it out and bouncing ideas off of each other has been so helpful. Danielle asked me very insightful questions that helped me in honing in on what I truly wanted for my business. I am looking forward to the remainder of our sessions. Thank you so much Danielle! And it’s so affordable and worth every dollar.” – Shallom Adewale

Business strategy call: $100/hour


We recognize it isn’t easy to consistently post. Somehow it always ends up being Thursday and you have the “Oh #$%^&*” moment because you haven’t posted yet this week! Think about social media platforms as your friend, the more consistent you are with them, the more they will reward you in return.

Number of posts on each platform / week (1-3)
Includes: posting caption writing,  location, hashtags, caption, image placement & editing

* Client to send Danielle various photos that can be used and a draft sample of language to use for captions
*If you want graphics designed for you, that’s another option!
*Do not work with stock images, only real photos taken by the client or company
*It is the clients responsibility to engage, comment back, check DMs, etc. to maintain the authenticity of the brand and personal connections

This can include: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn

“Working with Danielle is nothing but positive – her approach to supporting businesses is enthusiastic, professional & fun! She has a sincere desire to help others’ shine in their industry. I am so grateful to have found her to help me manage my social media and my brand!” – Ashley Kohl 

Consistent Content Flow: *price determined after consultation call based on your budget*


  • Weekly or bi-weekly check-in calls (30 or 60 minutes)
  • Assistance in various client driven needs, writing captions, posting stories, topic ideas, creating graphics, helping you stay in the mindset that you want to be in

    “Danielle really helps you think out of the box. When you have a negative thought, she can help change your perspective completely around on whatever was causing you to doubt yourself. I have learned so much from her about the world of social media. She has this way of pushing you out of your comfort zone while still being understanding and keeping your vision for your personal brand true to who you are.” – Amanda Chavez

Business strategy call: $100/hour

“CaN i pIcK YouR BrAiN?”

Having someone pick my brain doesn’t sound too comfy… I call this a Business Strategy Call. All of your questions that you have & you didn’t know you had, answered. All for just you. In 60 minutes.

You can craft this 60-minutes however you’d like!

These calls often serve to breakdown what someone’s business / project / podcast concept is together 1-on-1, ask the “hard questions” to dig deeper within their mission, and leave the client with helpful action steps to think about. This is all done through a marketing perspective through my expertise and experience on what can be implemented to increase reach, revenue, etc. through communication, public relations and social media strategies. 

If you’re someone stuck with an idea and don’t know where to move next, have a vision but not the expertise, or are just looking for someone to bounce ideas off of to achieve mini wins to get closer to your end result, this is for you!

Business strategy call: $100/hour


Questions can range from how do I post on Instagram to the importance of tagging people in a photo vs a caption to why should I be on x platform. From social media, to personal branding, to a confidence boost, to a worth-reminder… Get your list started of all the questions you’ve been wanting easily answered, and let’s go through them!


  • How do I make my profile more approachable to brands?
  • How should I align my profile with what I charge per post?
  • Can I make money off of what I post?
  • What is the difference between posting on your story and a regular post?
  • How do highlights work and will they help my brand?
  • Is instagram the only tool that I can use to build myself as an influencer?
  • How can I better effectively edit and utilize Instagram stories?
  • How do I schedule future posts on Facebook so that it can reach your intended audience and at an effective time?

Business strategy call: $100/hour ($50/hour for undergrad students)


Resume: Talk through what’s on your resume, why, what you’ve done to send out amongst others, key words, how you want to be represented. We’re creating resumes so that it’s the last resume you ever have to create!

LinkedIn: Plan & determine execution steps for you or your companies brand!

“I reached out to Danielle regarding job searching due to a loss of employment. Not only did Danielle help me with figuring out how to properly attack the job search, she reached out to her own connections regarding jobs she felt would fit me best. She raised my confidence in myself and what I have to offer a company and I wholeheartedly recommend her!” -Christina Plourd

Business strategy call: $100/hour ($50/hour for undergrad students)


  • Business Cards – Creation and Printing: You want them, you need them, you got ’em. Here’s an example of one that was recently done…. click here. No matter what you do, at some point you’ll need business cards! You are not defined by your job, but by who you are as an individual. It’s always important and extremely helpful to have business cards on you that you can easily hand to someone that has all of your information! Name, phone number, email, social handles, website, etc. *price based on creation & number of cards purchased*
  • Instagram Custom Highlight Covers *price is determined after consultation call*

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