Hosted by Danielle Chylinski
Sponsored by Birdhouse Coffee

Think heart to hearts, without the tears.

Through raw conversation, experiences that have shaped us will be unapologetically shared, questions we ask internally will rise to the surface, and we will learn more about ourselves… analyzing what makes us, us.

It’s important to acknowledge our different ways of thinking and recognize the power of letting our ideas live freely out loud. Sharing strong facts and feelings, this podcast will have you in your feels, and digging deeper within yourself to figure out how and with who you actually want spend your time.

By hearing what someone is saying, and listening to the emotion that comes along with it, together we can develop a strong relationship with ourselves and those around us.

You could sit at coffee table where you and Danielle can listen to each other, but often the conversation is what the coffee shop needs to hear.

Danielle Chylinski founder/owner of Chylinski Media, has conversations with herself (lol) and others, talking about w h a t e v e r they want.

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