Exhausted of trying to find the most helpful website on google, trying to determine which to trust and which is just totally unrealistic … because same. 

I’ve built a giant group chat essentially, but for specific conversations in our life where we need people’s who’s opinions we value, people that are experiencing similar things as we are, some ahead or behind us in their journey… but most importantly people that just get it.

Choose which community best fits you! xx, Danielle

Personal Branding

The continuous panic of “build your personal brand” continues to set in on all of us. Let’s give you a place to ask question judgement free with other people that are also in the same season of life as you!

What should I make the caption for this? I want to post this but I’m not sure if I should. Does the time of day really matter when posting?

Small Business

Lock in on a space where you can ask questions and get feedback from other business owners or business employees a to day-to-day social media marketing strategies, branding & so much more! Talk about what’s working or not working for you, and get feedback to help you to move forward rather than stay stuck!

Plannin’ in Your Planner

You asked, I’m delivering. Let’s talk allllll things planner How to best utilize your time and space to get your planning goals (especially social) locked in so you’re feeling great about your days!

Lil’ Check-ins

Pick me ups, reminders about social media posts, random tips, things you may not be thinking of, reminders you shouldn’t need reminders for and more… straight to your phone (just turn on your notifications)!


Ask questions and get a direct video response back from owner of Chylinski Media, Danielle Chylinski. In return, be asked questions by Danielle that will make you think, reflect on your business or personal branding decisions!

“Danielle is super helpful in everything social media! You can tell she is super passionate about what she does & wants to see EVERY business succeed! I love love love working with her” – Amber DiFronzo

I stumbled upon Danielle’s LinkedIn page when she posted about accepting a job with the Hartford Yard Goats. I loved the post she made and decided to connect with her. Shortly after that, we started reaching out to one another, following each other on social media, and asking each other the most random questions when we needed help.Danielle is someone that can take a brand and truly make it her own while also sticking to what the brand stands for. I love what she has done for the Yard Goats and will continue to follow her journey with them and what she does next!If you get a chance to work with her, take advantage of it! She knows what she is talking about when it comes to brand management! – Morgan Olson

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